Ceramic Vegetables

Ceramic Vegetables
Ceramic Vegetables

When we look around us for inspiration, we can do no better than to use nature as our muse. The use of colour that can be found all around us in the vegetation of this earth, is so diverse, and so rich that, if you are wishing to capture it, you would have to examine it closely first. A yellow cob of corn is not just yellow, but a variation of many particular shades of yellow. An apple can be green, yellow, red or all of the above at once. When you consider the mere selection of colourful fruit and vegetables available, it is no wonder that they are used as a study aid when it comes to colour, shape and texture.
The ceramic vegetables, provided by Penkridge Ceramics, are truly stunning pieces of art and can add colour to any room in your home. These realistic ceramic vegetables are perfect for displays of any kind, from the home to the museum, or from the theatre to the stately home.
These ceramic vegetables will vary in sizes and colour tones, much like the real deal. For example, among the choice available in ceramic vegetables, are peppers. Peppers can be one particular colour all over, or blend from one colour to another throughout. Chilli’s too come in various colours, sizes and shapes and Penkridge Ceramics stock up to five different colours of these vegetables. There are simply beautiful textures created with the ornamental gourd vegetable collection, and the squashes really are realistic and stunning to look at. These are all attractive aspects of our natural world, and perhaps something we don’t always fully notice or appreciate. However, without the colour that vegetables provide, our world would be a bland and dull one indeed.
For example, shades of various colours are often named after the fruit and vegetables themselves that share the same hue. Aubergine, cherry, blueberry, orange, lemon, lime and peach are all named colours associated with, and found in nature. Just the thought and mention of them can make the mouth water.
Penkridge offers you, the opportunity to own a part of nature for decoration and collection in your own home. Not only will it bring to life any colours you wish to echo within your living spaces, they are ornamental art, that can be placed in a number of settings around the home.
Other artists that have admired nature and captured it in still life form, create a feast for the eyes in colour, depth and diversity. Penkridge, like these artists, create inspired by organic forms, and work to emulate them accurately in pursuit of perfectly capturing the images, textures and colours of the real vegetables themselves, in 3D form.
The unique collections available are just some of the creations Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart, MA Ceramics graduates, display at Penkridge Ceramics. All the designs, and glazes are produced and applied by these artists in their studio in Walsall, UK. The choice available at Penkridge is always expanding, and make the perfect present for anybody who admires nature and wants to capture a part of it for their homes.