Ceramic Acorns

Ceramic Acorns
Ceramic Acorns

Apart from the wonderful ceramic fruit and vegetables available at Penkridge ceramics, you will find an excellent selection of horse chestnut ceramics, horse chestnut and oak leaf ceramic collections, and sycamore seeds and leaves. These are all delicately and precisely made to emulate and capture the real-life articles themselves. The collection we have available that are the main subject of this article, are the ceramic acorns.
Made from Pewter, our collection of ceramic acorns works beautifully with the choice of other fruits available from the mighty trees of the UK. With an autumnal style, along with all the warm natural tones and textures you can expect at that time of year, you can add a bit of the natural world into your living space. These pieces of ceramic art, look great in any room, particularly with a backdrop view provided from displaying them on a windowsill. Conservatories, are the ideal setting for these ceramic acorns, as they are primarily built so that you can appreciate the outdoors while enjoying the comforts and protection of the indoors. The collections of ceramic fruits, vegetables, acorns and leaves, allow you to have some of the outdoors in and display it all year round.
Art captures moments in time, that are special, beautiful but often fleeting. Appreciating the natural world causes admirers to attempt to replicate these moments, and display them for all to enjoy at any time of the day, month or year.
Acorns come from the oak tree and are therefore sometimes also called the oak nut. Its form can vary in size and shape, but tends to be spherical, generally, in shape, with a cup (the cupule) like form at its peak. The acorn also varies in length, and tends to have a very smooth texture to its shell. Whereas the cup, has a rough texture that contrasts beautifully with the fruit.
The mighty oak tree is often a symbol of strength and resilience, due to it having similar properties. It is also a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, inspired by the oak trees slowly developing and growing as the world around it changes and develops at its own pace. Quite fitting then, that for many universities and educational buildings, the acorn is used as a symbol of the beginnings of such growth. The hopes that students, and teachers alike hold for the strength and potential of each young attendee, rightly pictured as an acorn about to establish its roots and flourish in the learning environment.
The Ceramic acorns available for purchase on Penkridge Ceramics are the work of Alan Ballantyne. Alan Ballantyne also creates the wonderfully delicate leaves and twigs as part of the ceramic apples and pears collections.
Penkridge also do commissioned work as part of a larger collection of a number of pieces, displayed for a fruit bowl or basket. Please check out the gallery page to see some of these wonderful works of art that reflect the delicate yet robust, delicious and beautiful selections that you see from the vegetation of the earth itself.
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