Ceramic Horse Chestnuts West Midlands

Ceramic Horse chestnuts West Midlands
Ceramic Horse chestnuts West Midlands

Ceramic pieces in the market range from vegetables, exotic fruits to chestnut collections. The Penkridge Ceramics company specializes in designing and producing unique horse chestnut pieces. The following characteristics make this company the best in the market:
It produces "real" ceramic vegetables, exotic fruits and horse chestnuts.
It has a specific studio in the West Midlands for designing every piece.
It focuses on the beauty of every organic form and features in all the details in natural horse chestnuts and vegetables.
It offers a variety of ceramic items.
The company produces three horse chestnuts varieties, one with baby horse chestnuts, large-sized ones and another with an oak leaf. Some come with removable nuts, and others come with empty shells.
Others have lids placed on top of the open shells when on display. The covers make the horse chestnuts appear freshly fallen from the tree and create an elegant decoration.
Some varieties also have stalks on the shells cast in pewter and hand-painted. The purpose of having these stalks is to strengthen the outside and make it possible to join them on one pewter branch.
Therefore, the website has triple and double shells on a single pewter branch. These would be a perfect choice for displaying the horse chestnuts without placing them in bowls. The following are some of the pieces you'll find on the site:
Lid & Removable Nut
This piece has a lid to the shell with removable nuts. It can contain one or two removable nuts. It does not have a stalk, thus can be displayed in bowls. Both the shell and nuts get hand modelled before glazing and hand painting.
Half Shell & Removable Nut
This piece has a half shell with removable nuts. It usually has a metal stalk that makes it stronger. It is also life-sized, and hand modelled using clay before glazing and painting. The half-shell can have one or two removable nuts.
Whole Shell Open With Nut
This ceramic piece can contain one or two nuts in a whole open shell. The shell usually has a metallic stalk making it appear freshly fallen from the tree when on display. The nut is not removable.
It is cast in pewter and hand-painted after glazing. You can also purchase this whole open shell with nut pieces attached to a baby horse chestnut. It can also come with an empty shell to be displayed together.
Small Horse chestnut- Cupped
This ceramic piece comes from the horse chestnut & oak leaf collection. It is a half shell with nut horse chestnut attached to an oak leaf. It is an elegant piece to display in the house or office.
The oak leaf and horse chestnut get cast using clay and glazed before hand-painting. The leaf is also attached to a metallic stalk. They can be displayed alongside a lid and another oakleaf not linked with an open baby horse chestnut.
The Penkridge Ceramics located in West Midlands produced highly rated ceramic pieces that can help you create an aesthetic space at home or in the office. Trust the company to deliver items that will blow your mind whenever you need ceramic vegetables, exotic fruits or horse chestnut pieces.