China Horse Chestnuts Walsall

China Horse Chestnuts Walsall
China Horse Chestnuts Walsall

Ceramic Horse Chestnuts - Unique Home Decor for the Modern Home

Ceramic is a much loved material when it comes to decorative art. It has properties that make it superior to other materials. The art of crafting ceramics is, however, a rare skill that you can find at Penkridge Ceramics.
Some unique facts about ceramics are as follows:
Diamond is a type of ceramic and is 200 times harder than a metal alloy
Glass is also a type of ceramic, and in the US alone, over 21 million tons of glass is produced
Some ceramics are robust enough that a 1-inch diameter cable can lift 50 cars.
One-third of an inch thick ceramic shield can halt an armor-piercing projectile capable of penetrating two inches of steel
With this in mind, it will take creativity and expertise to pull off the kind of art and creativity that Penkridge Ceramics does with this substance. The company leverages the properties of ceramics to create unique pieces for any and every space.
Penkridge Ceramics: What Are We All About?
Penkridge Ceramics is a creative ceramics company that creates life-like items out of ceramics. Most of the art pieces are plants or parts of plants, which you can use as art or decor pieces for any space in your home or office. The exquisite workmanship of these unique pieces happens in Walsall in the UK, and their work can be custom ordered. Penkridge Ceramics have a wide range of fruits, China Horse Chestnuts, and vegetables that resemble the real thing, allowing you to have nature without it going bad. Also, the range is always expanding to give you more options to choose from. All items in the collection are hand-painted with a natural, accurate finish.
The Horse Chestnuts Collection
This range of ceramics is crafted to resemble the parts of the real horse chestnut tree. This range brings back the autumn ambiance no matter the season. It also captures the life stages of the plant, including the bursting of the shell, and you'll find exactly what you need. The twigs and branches are made of metal with about ten horse chestnut items to choose from.
Look out for these one-of-a kind pieces that make up the Penkridge Ceramics Horse Chestnut Collection
Conker Light Pull
Horse chestnut nut only
The lid and removable nut with no stalk
Half shell and removable nut
The whole shell closed
Whole shell open with one nut
The whole shell open and baby whole shell closed
Double whole shell closed and half shell and removable nut
Double whole shell closed and half shell, removable nut, and lid nut
Double Half Shell Removable Nut & Lid Nut with Small Cupped Leaf
How To Acquire The Collection
Most of the stock is made to order, and you can get your hands on these exquisite pieces in simple steps
Fill the request form on the website or
Send an email to
Penkridge Ceramics was started by MA Ceramics graduates who attach seriousness and dedication to their work. Their Walsall studio in the UK is the creative hub where all the magic happens and is considered to house the best of ceramic collections. Choose quality and uniqueness and give your interiors that extra enhancement and a touch of class.