Ceramic Horse Chestnuts Walsall

Ceramic Horse chestnuts Walsall
Ceramic Horse Chestnuts - Still Life At Its Best

Because your surroundings need a touch of nature...at all times!

Change the ambiance of your living space with beautifully-sculpted Ceramic Horse Chestnuts. Whether in your home or office, these pure and natural works of art produce stunning results in the smallest of ways.

Add a natural vibe into your interior
Stunning attention to detail
Ideal for any kind of living or commercial space
Compliments all types of interior decor that depict nature
No need to continuously replace the contents of your fruit-bowl

Ceramic Horse chestnuts offer you all these and even more.

Add some warmth to your residential space or business reception areas with these perfectly crafted horse chestnuts with several layers of glaze added to give both colour and texture.
Crafted by Penkridge Ceramics in Walsall, these ceramic horse chestnuts closely resemble nature, and the attention to detail is outstanding.
Why Ceramic Horse Chestnuts?
They are truly unique - unlikely the common mantelpiece ornaments that you find at every single home. Ceramic fruits and veggies, in general, can enhance living spaces in many ways. But these ceramic horse chestnuts go further than that - they add class and elegance.
The Design
Step up your interior design game. Drop those averagely designed sculptures and ornaments on your tabletops and mantelpiece. These ceramic horse chestnuts will easily be the centre of attention in any space. The designs mimic nature with such impressive precision that it is almost impossible to tell the difference without feeling them out. The several layers of glaze add a touch of lustre as each piece is individually considered with close attention to detail,
A Touch Of Nature And More
Most homes utilize nature’s touch in so many ways. You’ll find plants, flowers, fruits, and so on, beautifully woven into the surrounding ambiance. As beautiful as the real things are, they’re not permanent. They fade, die away, or are eaten off the table. Ceramic horse chestnuts do not need replacement—no need to worry about them getting moldy or going bad.
Environmentally Safe - ‘Green Art’

Made from ceramic, these sculpted horse chestnuts are also environmentally-friendly. With so much attention on protecting our environment, even the hardcore green-living advocate can indulge in these artistic works of art without any guilt. Ceramic products have very little impact on the environment. They come with no toxic paints, glues, or any other elements considered hazardous.
Penkridge Ceramics - More About Us
Located in Walsall, in the West Midlands. UK, Penkridge Ceramics products have met with success for the past 35 years. Their finished products demonstrate the beauty of the organic forms, along with the accuracy and detail required to represent the “real thing.” The company’s works are now collected by private individuals as well as being used by interior designers and sold in galleys across the U.K. and beyond.

So, take your interior design touches to the next level. Email Penkridge Ceramics now on enquiries@penkridgeceramics.com to place an order. You can also call on +44(0) 1922 625181