China Horse Chestnuts, West Midlands

China Horse Chestnuts, West Midlands
Ceramic Horse chestnuts, West Midlands

Imagine you are walking amongst the trees at the end of wintertime in the West Midlands. You’ve been stuck in for days, with the rain and persistent grey skies greeting you every time you opened your doors. Now, the day presents blue skies, so you decide to make the most of it by taking a walk and blowing some of those cobwebs away. Hopefully you will get a glimpse of new life and the smell of the spring air as you do. As you breathe in the cold fresh crisp atmosphere your eye glances upwards at the bare trees blowing in the wind. It’s then that you notice the trees you are stood near as you stroll through the woods in the West Midlands. You notice a mark on one of the trees branches from where you are stood, and you decide to get closer to see if you are right about what kind of trees these are. You are right of course! Those marks on the branches, left by the leaves that have so recently fallen, are horseshoe shaped, and these are all horse chestnuts.
From the moment you saw it, you thought of your childhood and of the days you spent with your friends exploring the woods of the West Midlands, and climbing trees. Your West Midlands school, where they had some huge playing fields that the teachers allowed you to walk, run and play on in the drier months, had a large valley type dip in the field, where stood two large horse chestnut trees that you and your friends would spend most of the autumn months collecting from them and examining each horse chestnut, one after another. If you could find a worthy opponent, you may have even taken those horse chestnuts and turned them into conkers, for some extra fun.
Horse chestnuts of course have a lot more than just conkers to admire and notice. With their very distinctive leaves and turned-up branches, they are a well-known sight in the British woodlands and local scenery in the West Midlands. The above scenario paints quite a picture doesn’t it? Here at Penkridge ceramics, we create a selection of ceramic horse chestnuts, and a choice of ceramic horse chestnuts leaves along with a small amount of the horse chestnuts branches for you to purchase and own.
These decorative items look fantastic all year round, especially displayed in old country houses, pubs and old manor houses. The ceramic horse chestnuts would look fantastic next to a rustic open wood or coal fire, wood burner or placed on a decorative mantlepiece. We make ceramic horse chestnuts here in the West Midlands that are based upon the genuine article. That means that our ceramic horse chestnuts are the exact size and shapes, and offer the same variety as the real thing, and as a result look just like they have come from the same very horse chestnuts that you may encounter on a similar walk to the one described above.
For more information on owning a collection of these ceramic horse chestnuts, contact Penkridge ceramics, in the West Midlands today.