Ceramic Fruit Sculptures, West Midlands

Ceramic Fruit Sculptures, West Midlands
Ceramic Exotic Fruits, West Midlands

How many exotic fruits can you name? Pineapples, pomegranate and watermelons? What about quince, starfruit and persimmon? There are many beautiful fruits that can make your mouth water just by looking at them. When you think of exotic fruits you may think of vibrant colours, citrus fresh tastes and mouth-watering refreshing juices.
To be able to emulate the styles of still life artists that we at Penkridge Ceramics look up to, we aim to create ‘real life’ depictions of exotic fruits as part of our ceramic collection of sculptured fruits and vegetation available to anyone for purchase. We create such a vast collection of hand painted ceramic fruits in the West Midlands that you can create your own look or collection based on our already substantial product range. However, we also provide for commissioned work, here at our studio in the West Midlands, should you have a particular collection or look in mind.
Here are just some of the ceramic exotic fruits we create and provide from our West Midlands based artist’s studio.
The pineapple plant is an unusual but fun subject to sculpt. Whereas a lot of our subjects have a smooth surface with either a natural powered look like the plum or Damson, or a shiny smooth surface, such as the cherry and the pomegranate, the real subject that we aim to emulate is unique in shape and texture.
The pineapple is known for having a very waxy leaf texture and outer skin. This makes it the perfect fruit to choose to contrast and add another dimension to your display. We provide these ceramic exotic fruits in the West Midlands in a choice of the baby pineapple size in a green or orange finish, or the larger fully grown pineapples in a green finish.
The watermelon is often a suitable picture of summer. In summertime tumblers and lolly ices moulds use the bright colours of the watermelon as inspiration, and even table cloths and table mats are often patterned with the watermelon perhaps for use out of doors during the warmer months. However, for authenticity, our watermelon is for display usually as part of a fruit collection in a bowl or basket display, and it would be highly unlikely that the real subject would be cut open and then left out. However, should you require us to create commissioned work that differs from any of our ceramic exotic fruits here in the West Midlands, please contact us.
These fruits often have a hard appearance and are known also as drupe (stone fruit). Each of our cherries, whether single or in groups of two of more are created with a painted steel wire, which adds to the strength of the actual pieces themselves. The glazed look also adds to the ‘real life’ look of these ceramic exotic fruits. Cherries add a beautiful red splash of colour to any display with their shine and delectable appearance.
For more information on any of our ceramic exotic fruits made in the West Midlands, check out the website at www.penkridgeceramics.com.