Ceramic Horse Chestnuts

Ceramic Horse chestnuts

Penkridge Ceramics is now an industry leader in producing and providing ceramic fruits, vegetables and horse chestnuts to customers all around the UK. We carry out all design work, glaze development, and production at our studio in Walsall. Hundreds of customers have already made an investment in these stunning items, and they claim our attention to detail is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Ceramic horse chestnuts are ideal for people who want to add something special to their home and create a warm and cosy atmosphere. They’re also excellent talking points for those who like to host dinner parties and welcome guests into their home. Each piece we produce is individually considered, with several layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture. That helps to give a ''super-real'' effect and accuracy of finish.

The ceramic horse chestnuts available from this site are sure to enhance your interior settings and help you to improve the aesthetic of any space. You can use the chestnuts to create an art display for the centrepiece for your table, and they’re never going to break or become damaged if you care for the items correctly.

Our ceramic horse chestnuts are popular with collectors, but they’ve also featured in some art galleries during the last few years. So, it’s possible you might encounter them in the homes or art enthusiasts and those who love unusual pieces around the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get some beautiful ceramic horse chestnuts for your home too!

Our stand-alone collection, established in 1984 by MA Ceramics graduates, Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart, is now considered the best in its field. We sell to many different kinds of people all over the world, and lots of customers send positive reviews and compliments upon receiving their orders. You are not going to find better designed or painted ceramic horse chestnuts anywhere else. We should know as we did a LOT of competitor research!

If you would like to learn more about our ceramic horse chestnuts and how they could help to add to the aesthetic of your home or living space; contact our team using the email address or phone number published on this website. We are happy to discuss all elements of our production and design process, and we will answer any questions you might have about our company.

Penkridge Ceramics is 100% dedicated to creating and supplying the best and most detailed ceramic horse chestnuts you’ll find anywhere on the market today. Each piece is lovingly produced and painted by hand to ensure every item is unique in its own right. If you are dissatisfied with the ceramic horse chestnuts you receive, contact our team, and we’ll do everything possible to rectify your issue.

Whether you’re an artist looking to make some stunning still-life work or you just want to improve the interior of your property, our ceramic horse chestnuts offer attention to detail unmatched anywhere else in the industry. If you don’t believe that is possible, the only solution is to find out for yourself!

We look forward to hearing from you!