Ceramic Fruits, West Midlands

Ceramic Fruits, West Midlands
Ceramic Fruits, West Midlands

Do you appreciate the art of still life? Are you looking for a piece to display in your home or other premises? One of the most popular types of still life, are depictions of fruit and vegetables. This is because of the sheer variety, colour and textures available that can make a room look simply stunning when displayed for all to see.
Have you ever considered taking the love of ‘real life’ depicted in still life art to the next level? What do we mean by this?
At Penkridge Ceramics in the West Midlands, we create and sell ceramic fruits made with every attention given to the detail of the real subject matter itself. We provide ceramic fruits sculptured to emulate the look and size of the real thing. Here at Penkridge ceramics, we have been creating our ceramic fruits in the West Midlands since 1984 and are now considered to be the best in our field.
Having a display of ceramic fruits in any area of the home, in an executive office, park or historic landmarks, properties and museums gives off a sophisticated look that we are proud to provide you with for you to own. Like any painting, landscape, portrait or still life, our art is there to enhance the area you place it in, adding the warmth and texture that nature itself provides.
We have a huge choice of ceramic vegetation and fruits to choose from. From leaves, to vegetables and acorns, from the well-known apple, to the lesser-known persimmon fruits. Why not browse through our whole collection and also have a look at some of the ceramic fruit displays in our commissioned work, that features a fruit bowl or stand with a choice of our ceramic fruits inside.
There are times when we take our ceramic fruits and vegetables and showcase our work at exhibitions for all to see. However, we can also let you see the collection at our own studios in the West Midlands by appointment. If you would like to see our ceramic fruits in the making, then contact us and ask for a tour of our work. We have a map on our website, so that you can find us.
Our three main collections of ceramic fruits include our apple collection, our choice of pears collection and our orchard and exotic ceramic fruits collection. Of course, these do not include our horse chestnuts collection and acorns that could rightly be called fruits, but hold their own in one of our other extensive ranges of ceramic sculptures.
We also have a selection of ceramic fruits within our monochrome selection that celebrates the shapes of the fruits rather than any use of colour. These ceramic fruits are available in black, matt white and a crackle glaze finish. These pieces work very well, mixing the contemporary with the traditional art forms, such as in a minimalist environment.
For more information on the ceramic fruits available from our West Midlands Studio, contact us today.

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