New Additions


Along with the Horsechestnut Leaves, we have now added Oak Leaves and Sycamore Seed Heads.

There is a larger image of this on the gallery page and we will shortly be adding individual shots with prices, which can then be viewed with the Acorn Collection.


 Celebration Squash 2016


 We now produce a wide selection of Squashes and Pumpkins,  some with metal twigs and leaves. These are the Celebration  Squash in different sizes and available with or without leaves.


Citrus with twigs & leaves 2016-7

Lemons, pale lemons with green ends, limes, oranges and clementines with metal twigs and leaves. All are also available with short stalks and no leaves.

 Smoke fired Pear 2015-7

 Over recent years we have been Smoke firing various pieces from our Monochrome Collections. This creates a unique finish to each piece which is quite random in its effect.

 These have proved very popular additions to our work. We only have a limited amount of these pieces available each year and are usually showcased at The Chelsea Flower show. Please email if you have an enquiry about the Smoke fired fruits.